Welcome to the Internet of Things Privacy Forum. We’re a non-profit serving as a crossroads for industry, regulators, academics, government and privacy advocates to discuss the privacy challenges of the Internet of Things. We recognize that the term “Internet of Things” can be unhelpful or vague, so, broadly speaking, the Forum focuses on the billions of connected devices that speak autonomously and semi-autonomously to each other and to host systems, and the privacy issues that result from their ever increasing collection of personal data. This means connected cars, wearable medical devices, smart homes, smart meters, smart cities, quantified self devices, TVs that listen to your conversations, autonomous drones and everything in between. The Forum’s mission is to produce guidance, analysis and best practices to enable industry and government to reduce risk and innovate responsibly.

It’s important to avoid “conceptual overstretch,” so thinking about categories and how privacy risks cohere is one of the tasks of the IoT Privacy Forum. The Forum’s work can be organized under four main headings:

  • Privacy by Design: PbD efforts and literature are useful for highlighting privacy values and design considerations
  • Privacy Impact Assessment: PIAs are a tool for unearthing and examining privacy risks that emerge from new products and services
  • Identity Management: the language, tools and technology of IDM are vital elements of privacy preservation
  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: given the wide variety of established and new players in the IoT, it’s important to investigate technologies that can be incorporated into the design and operation of devices to improve their privacy posture

A forum is only as good as its members and contributors, so please get in touch. We’re looking for everyone at this point – researchers, makers, manufacturers, privacy advocates, regulators, journalists, policy-makers, lawyers, sponsors and partners. You can reach us at contact(at)iotprivacyforum.org, and please follow us at @IoTPrivacyForum.